The JB Mouse Maze Game 2

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#I am inviting people to the new JED Studios. If your nick starts with E or D, visit my profile.#

Finally, I finished The JB Mouse Maze Game 2.
It has 20 stages, 2 bosses and a lot of fun!


IMPORTANT: Read the instructions before starting!

UPDATE (06/01/2009): Solved the level 6-20 glitches. Now, the cheat is almost impossible...
UPDATE (06/01/2009): The level 7 is now less difficult!
UPDATE (07/05/2009): Major update!
- Bugs solved.
- 1/3 of code revised for lag removal.
- Level 4 is easier.
- Highscore fixed.
- Boss 2 easier.
I hope it's last update.

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Yes the game may be pretty glitchy but I loved your music chose! 7 more so because of the music =P


pretty nice. and it would be awesome if there was like a bar showing checkpoints that you dropped you only get 2-3 for the WHOLE game.....you dont regain when you beat bosses/levels/etc and when set you restart at that level when you die. or some sort of checkpoint saver its annoying having to restart the whole game. other than that great game


Old concept. But filled with bugs and glitches.

Most noticeably was the click glitch which is mentioned already so I won't.

But the collision between the ball and the walls was also inconsistent. Coming up to some levels all I had to do was fling my mouse fast enough and I could travel through solid walls. At one point in time my blue ball was even outside the confines of the maze. This makes alot of the obstacles completely redundant and ultimately loses the point of the game.

The boss idea is a good one, but it takes far too long to kick in. I suggest you actually make the entire game along those same lines instead of several levels of same old mouse avoiding.

Fix the glitches, give this thing a new twist and some better graphics to go along with it. I'm not down with the blueness of the entire thing. Blue background with blue maze and blue cursor? Not a very good idea.

JoaoB responds:

I fixed some glitches.

not bad

very good fun and crazy. you did a really good job of keeping some the cheats out. still able to with a few ways. but still fun.

JoaoB responds:

I removed some ways to cheat.

So glitchy

Sorry I can't even rate this. How about you test the game before you submit it with a bunch of glitches. Every time I click at all it goes back a level, and it gives more lives.

JoaoB responds:

The bugs were fixed.

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3.17 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
6:31 PM EDT
Action - Other