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In this relaxing flash puzzle games you simply place a bubble and watch it grow as it pops various other bubbles on the screen. As the level increases, more and more bubbles are added to the stage.
Simply place your mouse on the screen and click to place a bubble!

This is a re-release of my original bubblepop game, with bug fixes and more.
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This game is done many times

but this is my fav version. Too bad I'll give you an 8/10 becouse its for 80% based on luck.

played it

the time made it really hard and rather difficult when there weren't very many bubbles on screen.

i found a glitch some bubbles wouldn't pop and still pass over the big bubble while others popped randomly when they weren't anywhere near the big bubble.

and if you tried to make a new version of the other games like it then you missed one major thing the ability for the bubble to chain other bubbles and destroy ones on the other side of the screen.

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Rather empty

Old concept, given a new look. But didn't really do it much good.

The game in itself is a working system. You will naturally attempt to beat each level because it just seems too simple to be hard.

But here what you did was simply give the game some make up and dress it up with colourful bubbles. Didn't really change or improve the gameplay in any way. It got boring very quickly. And it will for those who've played similar games before like boomshine.

Also, the lack of music kills the experience entirely. I suspect I'm going to be writing this alot, but music is meant to enhance the gaming experience. And playing this in silence doesn't do this any good.

Give the game a new facelift. Like, I dunno, a mouse control to actually blow the bubble up? Maybe a certain speed of circling to keep the bubble in shape - too fast and it pops - or something like that. This is an old idea that hasn't been revamped at all.

Give it a whole new face, a fresh new take on it and it'll be much more worth the time.

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The game is basic and addicting......a nice timekiller!


dud you might need a little music and a good background because that wasnt as interesting as it could have been...but your probably not used to it so ill give you a 7

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3.13 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
6:28 PM EDT
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