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This is a college project i did, so all reviews would be apreceated!!


Left & Right arrows to move
Up arrow to jump
space bar to shoot
use the mouse to interact with object!



fuck yeah

fuck yeah

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Awesome game, really good art work and great music, only downfall is the control's feel slightly Clunky. Have to work on that in the next game. I really enjoyed the second level, it was really interesting and fresh.

Overall I'd give it a 10, but the controls need some work,

Boxface? More like Boxepic.

This is the best game I have ever played. Forget your MArio, you Sonic, you god-damned Castlevania. THIS is true gaming. The perfect blend of flow, music, graphics, control make this a hard-to-hate title! If this was in the shops it'd be straight on my buy list, without any hesitation. With a story even deeper than that of Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy, Boxface is one for the ages.

Thank you Artic-fire productions for blessing this mortal world with this immortal gift.


Felt Sticky

Art good. Music good. Basic game-play good. So why not 10: the game play was not robust.

Control is what connects a player and character. I felt like that connection was full of static. Jumping had a small delay. I feel like I had to plan my jumps instead of reacting. The Animation was nice, but there were a couple time that I felt like I was missing timed jumps because of it.

The games controls also seemed to be incompatible with each other. Holding down fire and pressing jump, has a cool effect, but not the desired jump and shoot that I would like.

All in all: this could have been a 10 except for the controls.

Lookin Sweet dude!

Hey name me a few good games that doesnt start off with a big bang? Hehe all honesty not too shabby! Also I've only played the first level a couple of times but whats with the "Will you marry me?" Plane trying to propose to your girlfriend secretly or something? You should do what my brother did and get it tattoo'd on yah! lolz! >.<
Frank ^_^

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3.68 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
4:16 PM EDT
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