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Exodus Tyson Punched Out

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RIP Exodus. Your silly death with be with us forever.

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meh, I would be respected if it were a high school project, But Psycho-goldfish, i know you can do better.

Pretty terrible

This was bad, even for a Bastards flash. The sprite work looked awful and the visuals just weren't up to par. I understand this was supposed to be a quickie, but it looked like it was slapped together in one afternoon, just to piss people off.

I'm all for a good heartless parody, but this just felt rushed together and sloppy, which is disappointing as it was probably seen by many people like me who want to see what flash submissions the NG Staff has been working on. If I had to offer suggestions on the flash, I'd have added more backgrounds and possibly made it look a little smoother. Did the Mario sprite really need to be bigger than normal and just float out of the water? It looked silly and juvenile.

So, sorry, I can't suck up to this because it's a staff piece. This wasn't that good and I hope that if a "sequel" of this nature is done in the future, it has a little more effort put into it than this.


That was poorly done. Didn't make me laugh, looked more like something I'd make if I were bored as hell and read that article after not taking my depression pills. Also, even for a Bastards animation, this is offensive. She was only freaking 4, dude. That's like if your 1 year old child died by a crackhead making a gaping crack in their torso, and wore it as a hat, and then I make an animation of a pixelated version of that, only it is a game afterwards where you try to catch falling crack bags with the baby on the crack addict's head.