Dressed to Kill

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Choose your armour and weapon to battle your way through the tournament to reach the final where you get to fight King Henry VIII. Bear in mind your weapon and armour will affect how your fighter performs. Power or speed, you decide!


I found this game to just be okay. I admit that it wasn't very challenging. Then again, I would have probably hated it if it really was hard. I appreciate all the fine details. I thought this would be a game about Henry VIII's eight wives. You know, like you were a wife trying to kill him.

He only beheaded two of his wives, though. Enough history, back to the game. The graphics and sounds are pretty good. It just doesn't seem like anything that unique. At least you include some information about an important historical figure.

Blam this piece of crap, as they say. The hit detection is downright terrible, the frame rate speed is hilarious even on a good system, and sub-par battles make this a downright waste of time. The Art is average at best (though i do applaud the attempt here at making the animation).
As for the weapons & armor I am disappointed (in the lack thereof and the limitation on existing samples), being skilled in history and the arms & armor used during this time period.

I love medieval games !

great idea, develop it ! why not ? it could be a perfect seriuos medieval game, u could include arcade mode and also archers , buying weapons and stuff .. could be great !

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Not good

The drawing are pretty good, so that gets you 3 points. Then the story behind it is solid enough and it has great customization. bumps your score up to a 5.

Unfortunately it lags so much when I got up to the last level I couldn't do anything while he slaughtered me. Please work on the lag in this game.

Nice and btw HIGH SCORE!

Yeah that's right I am the knight of 0 if you get the reference good for you :) over all that was a vary fun little mini game you get there, and a little tip for the rest of you defense does not matter hope that helps.

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3.79 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
10:53 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS