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Frank Debet

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This game was born both to experiment a new gameplay and to tell a short story.
The gameplay is based on sounds. In the most of action games, it is centered on the reactions of the player to almost exclusively visual inputs (an enemy attacking the main character, a runaway car to chase, a scenery to explore to find an object), while the sound plays the role of making the experience more realistic and immersive, a role which, though important, is secondary. In "Frank Debet", I made an attempt to completely exchange roles between sound and image.
In this action game, the enemy is not visible on the screen, and so you will be forced to rely on sounds, which the villain produces interacting with the scenery, to detect his position.
Please enjoy it!

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good concept

i like the idea's you've submitted here. i think a game solely based on sound wouldn't do well only because video games are a visual stimulant. i think if you made this flash a stage of a bigger adventure flash others would be more willing to accept a sound based play. voices would add to your desired effect too i think. i'd very much like to see how you can develop your ideas further. gj !

very weak

alot of other ppl touched on some of the reasons
i also gota bring the consept into this tho.. sumthing like this would need excellent execution for ne1 to enjoy it.. and even if the best programer in the game did it i probly wouldnt like it.. good try.. keep ur games simpler and im sure ul do sumthing good


firt of all to joe morris. there couldnt be backround music or it would ruin the point of the game. which is to listen for the guy. if you wanted to be distracted just turn on your own music. secondly the game was a little slow paced to get to the action. and a retry button would be handy. i also didnt really feel that the dialog was very impt because all that needed to be known was the guy is invisable and you have to shoot him. so talking caracters or skip text button would have made the begining easy to sit thru. not a bad concept though and im looking forward to this kind of game being expanded on and i hope to see more like it both from you or anyone else who thinks they can make a decent version.

spend less time fucking blabbing

if there was a text advance button you would have gotten something other than a 0 from me

gamescanbe responds:

Any criticism is obviously welcome...but let me say that "no advance button" is, in my opinion, quite a weak motivation to give a 0. "0" should be something like "everything here is wrong ". Moreover, dialogues are a part of the game, necessary to fully understand it.

Lots of things that would make it better:

Backgrounds music
Less time blabbing, making people impatient
Voices instead of text that makes you think no one's talking
Making their mouths move while they talk
Putting their name when they talk so you know who's talking
Reload button