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Hello all you New Grounders,

Welcome to our latest game, Block Squad, which is something of a re-work of our previous title, Knightfall. As a member of the squad it's your job to save the city from an infestation of pesky blocks, retrieving the city's valuables (such as cats, burgers and ice cream) to unlock the exit to the next level.

On each level you will need to collect a certain amount of items before the exit opens, but you have a limited number of moves in which to do this. To move your squaddie around the board you will have to both remove blocks beneath them and rotate the board. Blocks can be removed from the board simply by clicking to highlight them, then clicking again to clear them. Removing groups of 3 or more blocks will only cost you one move, removing a pair of blocks will cost you 2 moves, and removing a single block will cost you 4, so make every move count! The board itself can be rotated by clicking the arrow on either side of it, or by using the left arrow, 'A' or 'Z' keys to rotate left, and the right arrow, 'S' or 'X' keys to rotate right.

Points are awarded for completing a level quickly and efficiently, but the biggest bonuses are to be had by collecting as many items as possible. The metal blocks can't be cleared and are generally a bit of a nuisance, but nothing more. The key to success is realising that you don't necessarily have to move your squaddie, rather that you can move items or indeed the exit instead.

Finally, you can also use 'Esc' or 'P' to pause the game if you fancy a breather, and 'F' to enter full-screen mode. Hope you enjoy the game and please let us know what you think of it!

Nice one,

The Megadev team.

*** UPDATE ***
Thanks for the slot on the front page Tom and everyone else at NG! :-) Just uploaded a new version which features a new and hopefully better tutorial - thanks for all the great feedback so far!



I loved how the blocks changed faces when ouy have only few turns left. Overall the visuals are great.

it would...

.. be playable if you had provided instructions that actually made sense. It might sound stupid but I couldn't figure out what the hell kind of pattern your selections of the blocks were supposed to be based on and since I don't have all day to figure out a flash game that came w bad directions I just clicked right off.

-9 pts for that..

Otherwise, fantastic game -- maybe...

Megadev responds:

Sorry you're having problems understanding the game - can you explain what you mean by "I couldn't figure out what the hell kind of pattern your selections of the blocks were supposed to be based on"?




Pretty nice game, although I don't really like puzzle games.
All the special stuff (rotating, characters,.. ) and the effects (shaking, block faces that changed,.. ) made it a good game.


Cool new unique puzzle game!! Love the choice of character, gameplay and theory behind the game!! Keep 'em comin'!!


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3.77 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
5:31 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other