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Hello all you New Grounders,

Welcome to our latest game, Block Squad, which is something of a re-work of our previous title, Knightfall. As a member of the squad it's your job to save the city from an infestation of pesky blocks, retrieving the city's valuables (such as cats, burgers and ice cream) to unlock the exit to the next level.

On each level you will need to collect a certain amount of items before the exit opens, but you have a limited number of moves in which to do this. To move your squaddie around the board you will have to both remove blocks beneath them and rotate the board. Blocks can be removed from the board simply by clicking to highlight them, then clicking again to clear them. Removing groups of 3 or more blocks will only cost you one move, removing a pair of blocks will cost you 2 moves, and removing a single block will cost you 4, so make every move count! The board itself can be rotated by clicking the arrow on either side of it, or by using the left arrow, 'A' or 'Z' keys to rotate left, and the right arrow, 'S' or 'X' keys to rotate right.

Points are awarded for completing a level quickly and efficiently, but the biggest bonuses are to be had by collecting as many items as possible. The metal blocks can't be cleared and are generally a bit of a nuisance, but nothing more. The key to success is realising that you don't necessarily have to move your squaddie, rather that you can move items or indeed the exit instead.

Finally, you can also use 'Esc' or 'P' to pause the game if you fancy a breather, and 'F' to enter full-screen mode. Hope you enjoy the game and please let us know what you think of it!

Nice one,

The Megadev team.

*** UPDATE ***
Thanks for the slot on the front page Tom and everyone else at NG! :-) Just uploaded a new version which features a new and hopefully better tutorial - thanks for all the great feedback so far!

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Good game

So this was a good game the art was notbad the animation was decent and as for the art as mentioned it's good but wouldn't mind more detail but as a game it's a good game you have here so that's a plus

Some extra details in the art would be magnificent


Great game

But i can't agree with the guy that wrote before me.... while i think this is a really good game with great sound + animation i think i prefer Knightfall 1/2. Why? Because the feel of the graphics reminds me to good old rpg and adventure games. It's kind of a nostalgic thing. Keep making these great games :)

Story + Art + Animation = Success

I never write a review before I finish a game. But in this case I was too nervous to finish this game. Not because it was too difficult, (it's not actually you just have to think couple moves ahead) but it made me think of Knightfall 2.

In that review I stated that the animation and art could be better. And now I see that I was right about thinking that Megadev can create better art and animation. But I was really nervous when I saw that this is an older game then Knightfall 2. So I have a question: You have a brilliant idea about a game. (with the tetris like bricks) You can create good art and perfect animation but still you wont use them in your new game? Why? Why make excellent animation in one game and then don't make it even better in your next one?

If Knightfall 1 & 2 were older then Blocksquad everything would have been alright but they're not!

So once more I politely ask Megadev to create a game in which they implement all elements of greatness: Story + Art + Animation. YOU CAN DO IT I KNOW!
If you combine all of this elements you will have an interesting successful game that will become on of the best games on Newgrounds.

My hopes are with you!

Favorite Flash Game

I now officially consider this my favorite flash game of all time. The game play is simple enough to pick up on, but gradually gets harder, so the game doesn't get bland for more skilled players. The graphics and music are what I loved the most. They remind me of 2nd gen platform like Sega Saturn, which through my eyes is a good thing. This game could easily be released for Wiiware or whatever if you are ever able to. Only complaint is that I would like to see and as strange as it may sound) dialog. You have characters to play as, so it makes it feel as if there would be some sort of Story going on. Then again, I haven't cleared all stages in Adventure mode yet, so I don't know.

Over all, I would actually love to see a sequel. Love it a lot! ^^

+ Fav


Very nice

I know a lot of people are going to compare this to the other similar game with medals, but this was nice on its own. I especially liked the contrasting character designs. I wasn't quite sure how much of everything I needed to get to advance. It was pretty hard with only 30 moves, but I can learn to do it better. I liked how the blocks looked so doomed whenever the number of moves you had made was closer to zero. This was a pretty colorful theme and it made me feel cheerful.

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4.07 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
5:31 AM EDT