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Magic Door Escape

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Get out of the room by using the items you find in the room and using your logics to solve the puzzle!

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Not the best escape game I've ever played.

the code to unlock the door

i found all the buttons but i cant seems to get the code for the door to work i tried the numbers i found around the room and i cant seem to get it right whats the code

interesting but...

no search in obvious places like stuffed chairs or cabinets. a change in pointer for clickable areas would be nice. I think I figured it out but can't find the red button.


Nice graphics but hardly any information and very unclear.
I had no idea what to and when you clicked on something i couldn't click off it.

something wrong

I have no idea what to do. There doesn't appear to be any directions, though something that might be a text box is at the top of the screen.