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The Day The Earth Ends

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This is the best thing I made in awhile! Enjoy!

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almost a sickening feeling when you watch this. unfortunately it had a moronic story, animation a team of monkeys could do, and those annoying badly drawn stick men!

things you could improve:

-better art
- better animation
- better story

and get flash 5 at least cause kool moves SUCKS

ThegameboySP responds:

I can't believe you just said that. My pet rock could do a better job than your flashes. (And by the way, one monkey by itself could do all of your flashes both in one day, without trouble.)

Pretty bad but not irreparably horrible

The story was comprehensible--I'll give you that. But everything else about it is terrible. For one, the story was overly simplistic and unoriginal, even for something as short as this. Like the reviewers before me, you just need some more imagination.

You can make your stick figures a lot more convincing by making their limbs move, such as in that fight scene.

The outtakes were pretty superfluous and I think that they're a bit too immature even for this story.

You can take my advice, or leave it.

I'm giving you a 3 because the title could be comprehended by the story. The intro before the play menu makes no sense-take that out. Also take out the big KM, that's really disturbing. It was also very corny, and I like corny because it makes up for beginner;s trying to make a superb flash. I am a beginner myself, it is tough.

You do not need a book. You need to use your imagination. Think about what people look like and how they move. I know it's a cartoon, you don't have to give your characters faces-I don't in mine, or at least yet. I liked that you used text box's, many beginners try to write things out with the brush/pencil. Think about what the characters are going through to accomplish goals-this will ultimately help your plot in the end.

Take the time, and your 3 could turn into a 4,5,6,7...etc. GJ, better than most beginners.

ThegameboySP responds:

Ok, about the KM part..sorry, can't do that. I use a program called "Koolmoves," and you can't remove the KM in it without buying it. Thanks for the review, and it really helped.

only 1 star

There's a good way and a bad way to use stick figures, you chose the bad way. So let me give some advice get a book and learn from it you can make stuff 100x better than this with a book in hand. I would also be willing to say that this might want to think before you act. Learn from what help tell you and then make something better.

But back to what you need. A BOOK

Hope this wasn't to hurtful. Its hard to get started but with a book you will be really see a difference.


Horrible graphs, the best thing about this was the music. Try getting the stick figures to actually move limbs, give the characters more definition. Flash isn't a one day or one week thing it takes time. Apply your time and you could have something worth while.