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LoaNE Preview

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Hey everyone. Anyway, I'm almost done with part one of Legends of a New Earth. I just figured I would make a small preview for it. This is not part one! Just a few tidbits really. Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long. My life just sort of got in the way. I will definitely try to work faster on the next part though once I've finished submitting this one. I have a site with the full version of the movie so far, but I must warn you all that many of the links on the site aren't working since the site is under construction. This is the address....I hope the link will work. :P http://www.althirius-stud ios.com/loane/index.html Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all for part 1. Thank you everyone...especially to my wonderful voice actors. I could never have done it without you! Cheers!

~Stephanie Young (Jessismith)

PS: I dunno what happened to the framing of it. I see the picture is going out of the frame. That wasn't my doing....it looked fine to me before submitting. I guess Newgrounds has different formatting. I'll change the dimensions and see if that works. :P

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Can't wait!!

So when does it get released?? I can't wait to see it! Great job with the animation AND the music! They go well together! -XayberOptix

Jessismith responds:

Thanks Xay. :)
I'm glad you like the part 1 version of it. I keep saying that I'll finish the next part soon, but something always ends up happening. :P
Thanks again, my dear friend. :)

Great work

The artwork is a bit scratchy, but well blended. The color tone is nice and even. The animation is smooth. The song choice is nice and flowing with the animation. Altogether a really good animation! ^^ Can't wait for the first one!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! I can't wait to submit the first one. :)

Very beautiful

I have to say this is one of the best under judgments I've seen in recent memory. The animation is pretty good and the concept looks amazing. I also liked how you did your own music as well. Loved the preview and I'm looking forward to the real deal. ^^

Jessismith responds:

Wow, thank you. I'm honored! :D The first part is coming really soon. Thank you so much!


Your the Adam Phillips of scribbles. You actually managed to give this art style meaning and color with an image in mind. Nicely chosen song and smooth animation. Keep up the great work!

Jessismith responds:

Hahah. I like how you said that...thanks! :D Yep. I like to keep stuff in my own style for originality I guess. Well, I'm very glad you like it. Thank you! I certainly will!