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The Last Cloud From Super Omega 3

You are the last survivor from the realm of Super Omega 3. Fend off the evil aliens with your lightning bolts of doom, and save the universe!

Arrow keys for movement, Space to shoot, P to pause, M to mute.
Blue atoms = health.

Good luck!


pretty cool

controls are easy

the music is kinda annoying

not the worst gane i have ever seen but i have seen batter. maybe if you could submit your score, change the background, and change the song, then this game would've been better. all in all, 4/5, 8/10. not too bad

ETHANR26 responds:

You can mute the music if it's too annoying =P

Good job on the name...

I caught what it meant. Anyway, on to the review! I can understand that this is probably one of your first flash games. It's good as far as first ones go. Try to add what you wrote in the "Author Comments" into the game. Maybe build off of this game and expand on it. It was good as far as first attempts go. Anyway, good luck on creating more flash!

nothing new or interesting

you've shown you can program the most basic shooting game, hooray!
now that you've got that down, make it into something worth playing
add some sort of story?
or at least some decent art?
it'd be appreciated


nice game play and not 2 easy, not 2 hard, well done man!

ETHANR26 responds:

Thanks =)


My only gripes: No real variety; Add more powerups, enemies, etc. Also, the hit detection is off, and bullets that should have flown over my head (cloud?...) took off sections of my health. The game was also INCREDIBLY easy. Please add a bigger challenge!

ETHANR26 responds:

I'll look at the hit detection...eventually.

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2.28 / 5.00

May 26, 2009
9:05 PM EDT
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