Old Man Timberwoller

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UPDATE: Highscores added +fixed.
*PLAY MORE TIME-ATTAQ! It's way more fun than you'd think.*

I'd like to thank Tom Fulp, your mother, and God.

NOTE: This game is very graphically intensive. You'll probably want to run it at medium, and low if it lags.

The most politically incorrect game ever.
Your name is Old Man Timberwoller.

All you wanted was to pick up your prescriptions
from the friendly Canadian pharmacy.

Unfortunately, you have to save the world.
Originally intended to be completed in a single day, this game ended up taking over a year and a half of lazy, intermittent working to complete.




But... it's so hot out...


Man, that was funny. A little slow, and kind of a button-masher, but I had a good time. FYI, though, "socialist" drugs are only cheap by their market price. The rest of the butt-load of cash required to sustain the system is levied onto taxes.

Again, FYI.

pyro786 responds:

Exactly why it's so appealing to the American Mr Timberwoller. He just loves you for your goodies.


whats the audio for the title menu called? id like to have it. nice game btw ^^

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pyro786 responds:

It's the Tai-He song, from the soundtrack of Curse of the Golden Flower.

wats this music???

what song was this???

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pyro786 responds:

Dredio by Mac Dre, and Blood in Blood out by Jedi Mind Tricks.

The Gramps that every one wish they had!

Wow, I must say for such a short game it really does fulfill the gamers need to waste time. As you put it, the game was intended to be done in one day but I think the 'delay' made the game better. The artwork and the graphics were simple but it still was a job well done. I also wanted to say that your choice in background music was great; unique and it kept you pumped for the game. I can't wait to see the next old guy jacked on pills fighting Nazi seals (which I hate; sneaky bastards!) and crack babies. Keep up the good work and I'll be waiting for part 2 of this game.

P.S. If people ask why it took so long just simply reply with, "I was just waiting on society to be ready for such a game!"

*Chronic Procrastination? Me? NEVER!!!*

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pyro786 responds:

Hahah, I'm glad you appreciated it man. Maybe the sequel will be a baby fighting old men.

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3.59 / 5.00

May 26, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
Action - Other