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Enjoy Pro levels version of platformer game.

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Kinda reminds me of Mario. Although theres some problems with falling off platforms when you're not supposed to and you don't die when you fall down and hit the bottom of the level. Other than that, it's pretty cool.

A fun game.

Okay, I think this is a fun game, but I have found some glitches. But, I'd first like to commend you for making a great side scroller with challenging and fun game play. The 2 glitches I managed to find were that the up arrow key didn't attack them, and when you fell off a ledge you kept falling, and the game wouldn't automatically start over.

Good Job!


The first impression was a quite good look of the game. The controls just don't fit in, thy're too...hmm sloppy, the jumps take too long, everything feels too smooth, just try to set them a litle better to control, second: the time you fall down takes waaaay to long, i don't know if the level decided to take a turn into deeper levels, but waiting for 15 seconds for the game to restart because you fell, really kills the fun.


I went to a long walk level (the first level) and i was jumping off the mushrooms, and I was on the mushroom by all the pieces of brown land and I fell. It took me to the bottom of the screen, and there was no ground but the bg was still showing. I wasn't dead I was just moving in mid-air, but I could die nor jump.

Found a glitch...

There is a glitch where you fall and you like, stick there for 5 seconds. other than that its a great game, keep up the good work!!!