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Cool Things 018

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Happy Lockday! Yeah, my submission is a little rushed since i've had not a lot of time off, but it's here. Just a short one, but it's the thought that counts, right?

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I forgot about that!

AMAZING! Long time since we seen cool things! I thought that was pretty creative! I forgot about Dad's army.

AubergineLock responds:


Not too bad

I hope you had a Happy Clock Day as well and this was a pretty nice Clock tribute. It was funny to hear "Clock Crew" replacing those words. It was a decent animation with those nationality clocks moving around into each other. I was disappointed this was so short, but it is apparently rushed, so you may want to come up with something earlier next year. I'm not really sure what this "Cool Things" series is supposed to be about. I'm pretty sure I've seen numbers over 018 here before.

pure epicness

might watch dads army now



This gets an automatic 10 from me just for using the "Dad's Army" intro in a imaginative way for the locks! I got a definite giggle out of it.

(title in work)

I don't get it. To me it looks like the Nazi clocks were pushing back the Locks and invading their land...wouldn't that be bad? Anyway, I was pretty disappointed with this, considering how great the Cool Things series usually is. I did enjoy the music and the animation though. The concept was definitely good, just needed to be expanded upon.