Pimp My Warthog: Classic

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Coming Soon - Tutorial Time 3, Warthog Racer & Speed Check.

Pimp My Warthog Classic is here, nearly five years on since the original, with over two million views on Newgrounds.com alone, the Pimp My Warthog series is now coming to an end, and to finalise the franchise we're bringing a classical edition alongside a new game called 'Warthog Racer' in the fall of 2009 which will introduce a completely new style of gameplay for fans of the series. Enjoy this classical interactive game exclusively brought to Newgrounds.com by Fluxdevopment.

External Credits for Original Art on Warthog Design: Machall Comics


Would be great for a game!


Not bad

Keep working on it. There's alot you could do to improve it. Try adding more variety of peice designs. The spinners were a good idea. Music was also a good idea. What about Arbiter? I know he doesn't usually ride a Warthog, but still.

one thing

it needs spinners and something else would be changing from master chief to an elite and then have the armor change color, and maybe a color wheel to change the color or have sliders. all in all it was a interesting gadget 6/10 3/5

not bad

It was an ok game, some music would have been nice


EXTREMLY small amount of options, if you really wanted to make pimp-my-ride like game, you SHOULD make more options, or you should choose completely different vehicle at all. Okay, i get it, you are Halo fan. Okay, that's cool. But next time make a little bit more than just 3-4 items options in every class, like more side skirts, more bumpers, more turrets. There was even lack of paint jobs! No camo, no orange color, no white color, and just two backgrounds? Dude, just be more creative.

There are so many better pimp-my-vehicle games. Your game is just nothing new or interesting. Really, like i said before: just be more creative.

Fluxdev responds:

The idea behind the game was to bring back the franchise in its original form, it is not an extension of the current game and only a classical version of the original. Please feel free to look at the series and to see how much of an actual graphic improvement this it. The concept was to revamp the original art work into a slick look, rather than to bring new options. Although this could have been considered it would take away the point of having it as a 'Classic'. However, I'm currently developing two games which produce similar gameplay that you would probably expect. 'Warthog Racer' will include a lot more options for customisation with driving enabled in an arcade style mode were you take control of your hog in a 2D environment while taking down enemies and racing other people. 'Speed Check: Modifier' is the preview to 'Speed Check' - an exceptional racing game that is recognised by the creator of 'Drag Racer' as the forth in the series, the modifier edition will enable the user to customise 3 cars completely, while the full game will open to a broader audience with racing modes and online play.

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2.74 / 5.00

May 26, 2009
1:48 PM EDT
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