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The objective of LaserBox is to detect and avoid uncovering the hidden mirrors within a grid of boxes. To discover mirrors, you must fire a laser into the boxes and note which way the laser is bouncing from within the covered boxes. If you uncover a mirror by accident, the game is over.

To place a laser, click a spot from around the grid of boxes, this will open a menu where you can choose between "Laser" and "Impulse". "Laser" is a continuous beam that goes from the source, through the grid.

"Impulse" is a short beam that moves slowly throughout the grid. It has a limited flight length. The flight length is determined by the size of a field. The more the size of a field, the can longer fly an "impulse".
The first dial shows how far "impulse" has traveled.


Good job!

Very nice game!
Fun and interesting gameplay, the interface is easy to understand and detailed enough.
It would be great with some kind of "Story Mode" in a future game. Maybe have a timelimit and a couple of levels which have to be cleared.
Keep up the good work!


I didn't understand the game at all. The tutorial was bogus, so it pretty much ruined the game for me. If you made a tutorial level sort of thing it might work better, but i didn't get it at all. I'm sure i would like it if i knew how to play it. Graphics are definenately better than minesweeper.

Neat little puzzle game

This is quite a neat little puzzle game. The concept of using deduction to uncover mirrors with a laser is a very good one. Reminds me of mindsweeper like puzzles where you're basically using present information to predict the outcome.

The 16x16 field looks incredible. I haven't taken the time to try it out yet but I suspect I will enjoy it immensely. Quite high replay value I suppose.

The thing is that I for one didn't find the 'impulse' particularly helpful. I ended up solving the entire thing by simply putting lasers on every box until I was sure I could break some boxes. I guess some people might find it helpful and if you're gunning for time then it might serve some purpose but overall I didn't find it of any use in my first few games. Not so sure about that one.

A little sound effects would've been nice. Like a box breaking sound effect or when you place mirrors or lasers. I'm a big advocate of sound and I think that would add to the experience that much more.

As mentioned before the instructions weren't entirely clear. I had to reread them twice to finally understand it.

Maybe an addition of a different mirror type might make the game even more interesting and challenging? A flat mirror perhaps that reflects the laser right back at you. And blows up the laser. Just kidding on that last bit. I would also suggest turning the time thing around just for an added bite. Instead of only having the timer count up and taking that as a high score, put a time attack mode instead with a countdown. You can still take the times as a high score but that only increases the tension and motivation to finish faster.

A good, perhaps addicting, puzzle game. Throw in some extras and it'll be fantastic.

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Fun game

Its like a lazer version of minefield....or something. Keep it up man.

Very nice game

The tutorial was decent, but left me with questions. Luckily I figured the rest out on my own. After realizing how important the impulse laser was I finally became good at the game. All in all, great game! If there could be any improvements at all I would recommend having the ability to zoom in a bit, at first it's kind of hard to judge where you're placing you laser without testing it first.

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3.67 / 5.00

May 26, 2009
7:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other