LL - Lock Legion Shorts 3

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Happy Lock Day! Happy 4th place!

I can guarantee to you now that this flash isn't nearly as fucking huge as my last Lock Day flash, but it shouldn't suck too much. I included a character bio section for those who are feeling left out of the inside jokes, so everyone can be happy! I also didn't do menu music, since it's a waste of file space.

Also I managed to finish a flash without Flash bugging out on me sound-wise. A Lock Day miracle!



I knew it would be awesome

Your one of the tope 5 reason's I joined the legion, I hope to someday become as awesome as you. But what are the chances of that. Anyways, I thought this was one of your greatest (you might not want it to be the best, but it's up to you really). Hope to see more.

MasterLock responds:

Personally this isn't my most favorite flash of mine, but hey whatever makes you happy!

Everyone's already said everything

What they said

MasterLock responds:

whachoo say

I always look forward to these

Your Lock Day movies are always better than all the other ones submitted on Lock day.
This wasn't nearly as awesome as the one you made last year.
But it was still a funny ride.
I liked the animation and story as usual.
As well as it's usual randomness.
Overall I still liked this movie a lot.
Plus I liked the addition of a characters menu.
And the mute button during the preloader.

MasterLock responds:

Line break.
Line break.
Line break.
Line break.
Line break.

Awesome as always. XD

Add other comments here.

MasterLock responds:

add response here

Goodness gracious!

How exciting!

MasterLock responds:

Most exciting!

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3.99 / 5.00

May 26, 2009
2:26 AM EDT
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