Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers

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A commission for good 'ol Psyguy. This is a spin-off starring Go! Go! Parody Rangers villain, Renaldo! It takes place between the 2nd and upcoming 3rd Part of the Parody Rangers Feature Movie and was co-written by Psy and myself. Renaldo always dreamed of having his own team of Power Rangers, so thanks to the power of friendship and cold hard cash, his wet dream come horribly true! Hopefully you'll excuse the corner-cutting animation for this one, I had to get it done quicker, so you'll notice stock heads and mouthflaps. Regardless, hope you get as much of a laugh out of it as Psy and I did, enjoy!




get back to fucking work you two XD that was so crazy ass funny

haha funny

that was really funny espeacially seein meat with a tinyu body like that.the cereal mascots were funny too.keep it up hope u make annother one

lol :P

i think it was unfair on the girl coz she waz on the sht bike lmao :) nice vid


Well it made me chuckle a couple of times but nothing really special,
I think the problem was that Renaldo is only funny when he interacts with the other Characters from the parody rangers series, seeing him interact with different forms of him.... well didn't really work for me.
But other than that I thought that there were some clever pieces of the video like when, what it looked liked, you made a reference to the old Sonic cartoon character Scratch.

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Cetainly a step up from brawl taunts.

I have always enjoyed super parody rangers. As well as the first brawl taunts but that since the first one had went down hill hard and fast. But this was certainly better. I think this is what you should stick to and finish the Parody Ranger movie. I also think you should stick with this series and avoid any more "collabs". You and Psyguy make a better team then you and rina-chan.

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May 25, 2009
11:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody