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May 25, 2009 | 8:29 PM EDT

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*This has been re-submitted because the cross-domain XML reading didn't work for ages, and I thought that had an unfair effect on its score. It did not get blammed, because the highest score something can have if it is to be blammed is 1.6, and it had 1.9-ish when I dleted it. I've fixed the cross-domain problem now, so hopefully you'll like it this time! I also added a note and numbers to say to use the buttons to select different options because the review I had last time implied that the only option they saw was #1, and didn't realise there was any other options. The other thing I added was that it got the width of the text, and set the scrolling text box to that width*

Hello Newgrounds!

My first submission is finally done! I'm annoyed I didn't get anything to put up here earlier, but oh well.

Fill out some information, and the gadget throws up some widgets for you to use on your website(s). You can customise them a fair amount. Note: for the starting text if you type in 'preset', it will automatically substitute it for the title that is preset in the RSS Feed.

This took me a while to do because of the irregularity of RSS feeds (. RSS, if you didn't know, is XML. When you're using XML in Flash, you can't say 'go to node called link', you have to manually go through the nodes using nextSibling. Part of that problem was the distance from title to link (the amount of nodes in-between). The way I overcame this was creating a for loop. That worked fine, but created another problem. Once you'd got to the correct node, you used the same for loop to get to the next required node. The problem here is that, again because of the way different people lay out their RSS, the next node that I wanted was sometimes ahead of and sometimes behind the node that I was currently on. The way I solved this was to use parentNode.firstChild which got me back to the start of the item node that I was on. My final major problem was that some RSS feeds didn't have a description node (NEWGROUNDS!!), and vice-versa that they had the decription but not the content. They I soted this was to use childNodes which gave me an array of the nodes, then I checked to see if it had description. If it didn't, I would use the content node but limit the string's length.

There were various other smaller problems as well. And sorry if I bored you a bit there...

Please review (incl. my logo) , rate and PLEASE ALSO RECOMMEND THIS FOR THE GADGETS COLLECTION!

A big shout out to Heart Wiltshire who stopped me from getting too frustrated at this, by making me frustrated at their crappy songs instead; and a shout out to Ruben Bristian ( for the colour picker component.




Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good but...

I admire you for creating such a useful bit of programming for use of people who find the neccesity for objects such as this, however this may be the wrong place for it. I am personally going to use it in a homepage i will be using on my computer, but maybe find another site that would be more receptive to it. Good work regardless though.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


If you want your tool to be taken seriously, you'd better take it seriously first. "Amout" isn't a word. And People on Newgrounds probably aren't all that interested in this type of flash anyway.

Bod720 responds:

I did/am take/taking it seriously. People do make mistakes y'know!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


im not try to be a jerk but i found no use for this and it's dosent entertain me so mabye you should change it or give it a good use

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Bod720 responds:

I can understand that it didn't entertain you, but it's not meant to! And what could I change to give it a 'good' use?


Rated 2 / 5 stars

this isn't much

helpful code

no music
not much

this isn't much. all it really is is words that you can change the color of. if this had music and an option to change the background, then this would be at least decent. if i were to make a and i wanted to do something with this in it somewhere, then at least the code can come in handy.

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Bod720 responds:

You're supposed to change the location of the feed and that gives you the most recent posts. I think some people are saying it's rubbish, but they don't even realise wht it's supposed to do...