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This is one of my very first flash games :)

Please leave constructive comments so i can improve upon my next games!

Thanks for playing :)

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I admit that this was pretty weird. I didn't even realize that I was controlling the other thing at first. I still thought it was playable. It could have been a bit more detailed. I guess a Tetris-like game doesn't need to be like that. The music is pretty good.

I wasn't even sure how I lost at first. I guess I just wasn't paying attention to both sides. It has pretty good colors and it is pretty original. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's a nice try. A pity this hasn't been reviewed in such a long time.

An Innovative Take on the Classic Tetris Tormula.

Granted it took me a while to get the controls down, and it took some getting used to with the lack of disappearing blocks, but the dual world/negative space mechanic here buts a new spin on Tetris. I mean to play it single player you'd have a slight learning curve, but that's what innovative gaming does! It changes the way you approach problems. And 2-player mode is fairly entertaining as well, competing with friends and all that, their only complaint being that it is sort of disorienting playing the lower half of the screen and using flipped controls, but they did get used to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this addicting little time waster.


there's a serious think tank behind this one if this is your first flash game!

I agree with the other guys, the gameplay is intuitive and inventive. again, the only thing that needs some work is the graphics, but i can forgive on that.

10 stars, and 5/5. GREAT THINKING GAME!

please keep this up. it's so refreshing that there's somebody with an inventive personality, rather than another robot chicken spin off.


Challenging and innovative. puts a whole new spin on tetris.
Other than that I have nothing too say other than Well done on your first submision. it truly rose above the rest.

To Vamyla (below)

That is what she said. Anyways, great concept! Hard to believe your first game was this intuitive! I loved it. =)

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
5:58 PM EDT

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