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Xtreme Marvel Test

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This is the first Xtreme Series Test that I'm making, it took me about a day and a couple of hours to compile the questions and format the quiz, usually I do sprite movies but I'm thinking about branching out to other things and this is my first attempt...All reviews are appreciated and will be answered back as soon as possible. Thanks!

Anything to make this test better I would really like to know what it is so this can be an award winning series!


Better then most

I am surprised that you didnt have any Movie questions in there, which makes it so much better. As for rewards when the time comes i would suggest popping in clips from X-men TAS or any other older animated marvel show. I can think of a bunch of other questions that would fit well in this game, and I emplore that you keep these going, as more of a real guide line then what the movies are now showing.

mortis5000 responds:

Thanks will do

YES finally some more Marvel related flashs

i loved this quiz though it was fairly easy, was still a good quiz! Maybe you could spice your next one with some marvel pics, off google or even better drawn by hand... maybe some animated pics that sit in the corner or change with each question. If your intereted check my movie out "Superhero Throwdown". If you like i can help you draw some... id love to work together. PSM and let me know. I always say this site needs more comic book movies/games on it!

mortis5000 responds:

Totally Agree

It was Fun

A nice quick time waster. Good stuff

mortis5000 responds:

yep thanks

Very Nice!!

I liked it!! Had some challenging questions in there. Only thing I would like to see is some kind of reward at the end of the game... It seemed I answered all those questions for not... but nevertheless I had fun answering them!

mortis5000 responds:

Like what would be a good reward? Thanks for playing

great but easy!!!

GREAT GAME MAN!!! but is relly easy if you know something about marvel, make another one more hard!!!

mortis5000 responds:

Yeah you will see it coming out tomorrow

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3.47 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
5:34 PM EDT
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