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...and then, BANGO! The floor falls out from under your feet.

Left/Right = Move
Space = Jump
You can also use UP to jump, but it's harder. Also A/D are available for moving, and W for jumping

Blocks drop when you run over them. Knock them all down to complete the level.

After a year in development, I have finally finished it. Hope you like it!

Developed by RJGames, sponsored by SPIL Games

* About the walkthrough pop-up: I don't think it's very annoying, as you just have to press DOWN or S to close it, and I think it might be a nice help for some people, so that's why I leave it in.

*If you dislike the song, here's another one that would fit in well with the game and that I'd suggest:
(just mute the ingame music)
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/109884 - ~Flowerz 'n' Herbz~, by Brunzolaitis


Thanks for the frontpage and the daily 2nd!!

I'm trying to add some medals, just give me some time


addicting and chaleging

nice game
the way how to sole the lvl's wasn't so hard but do do it was hard, to jump execly at the right time

one comment: if you slide to one of the sides of a block it sometime also dissapears

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RJGames responds:

Thank you!

Combining puzzle with skill

Awesome game with a nice and unique concept that combines puzzle games with skill. The addition of different blocks was a plus and made it more challenging.
The difficulty of the game was pretty high, especially in the challenging levels, when you need to jump perfectly. It really frustrated me because sometimes it didn't jump when I pressed the key.
Still great fun, but I gave up on the challenging levels :P

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RJGames responds:

Thanks! I don't know what happens with that jumping thing...

Very Very Amusing

It was hella addicting, and fun keep up the work dude!

RJGames responds:

Thank you very much!


wow, there were some challenging levels in this game :p
wasn't able to do all of them now, but might come back later :)
I always like games that hurt my brain ^^ ... well not always.. some games suck so much that they hurt my brain too... but this time it was the good type of brain-hurt :p
Congrats ;)

RJGames responds:


Don't hurt your brain too much!

Incredibly fun

I love the idea, the graphics, and the gameplay but the music was not for my taste.


RJGames responds:

Did you like the other one, the Flowers 'n' Herbz one? I think it's really good.

It's impossible to choose a music track everyone likes. I thought of adding 2 different tracks, but that would double the filesize, and I don't think it's worth it

Thanks for your review!

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3.87 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
2:57 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle