Graff Gunner

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How to Play Graff Gunner:
Mouse = Target and hold down button to rapid fire on air targets.

Space = Hold down until marker is aligned with ground target.

Clean the air and ground of enemies and buy upgrades between waves. Click the zeppelin's red eye to spawn more allies.


It was so-so.

Graphics are good. Sound is okay. But what i found lacking was a direct way of regaining health. Those Rocket Flame guys died way too fast for any healing. I still fought my way to level 9, and then got owned by the boss in 10 secs.. This could be a game, it just needs some heavy balancing. For instance, the enemies are too fast and your gun is too slow. For me, faster bullets would solve it, as you can't prevent the enemies from hitting you anyway.

All in all. It was a decent experience. =]

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...everybody else said.


The basics are here, but the balance is off

The guys in jet packs die way too easily. I assume this is because they're insanely powerful, when compared to your main guns. This is entirely frustrating because the enemies seem to come in several sizes and varieties, those being "huge and wont die", "medium and wont die", "small and wont die", and "I can't even hit that". This, it seems, you've tried balancing out by making the health bar huge. The lack of balance between jet-pack-dude lifespan, damage done by enemy projectiles and damage done by your projectiles really kills my enjoyment of this game.

Another thing that I noticed: the two helicopter types seemed to have no separate purpose. The missiles and bullets seem to do roughly the same damage, and the two types seem to have the same health. Why bother with two types of helicopters if they're effectively the same?

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excellent game
the guys on jet packs were a little weak and it could be made clearer that those are upgrades when you complete a lvl, but other than that, excellent

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luv it

you eather love it or hate it

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3.44 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
5:16 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight