Chargin' Mah Hadoken

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Well i got this PM saying i should put my SFCollab peice up on the 25th. and so i shall.

after seeing the collab i can see how mine missed out, but the main thing is that i tried. not enough cock, i knew it.

also, i have nothing against stamper, hes a fine fellow.


ooh i forgot theres an easter egg hidden too. it was what my original part was going to look like,

and it is not the hidden penis button.

also to the utterly shit reviews-
- i dont really care for the meme, this was made in about 2 hours the day i first read the post about the collab and therefore, it was a rushed job, and i really could have put some more effort into it, but i wanted to be one of the first people to hand in their peice so there!
-Hadoken. I'm charging mine.

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This was very bad.

I'm sorry but this was just not that great at all. Maybe if you would have put the real sound effects in there it would have helped alot. But as it stands i'm kind of glad this never made it in the collection. I'm sorry if that sounds mean but, you can just work on your flash skills. Because a big collab like that...I meen alot of people didn't make it in that collab.

LiamTaylor responds:

my skills are fine, i am in uni doing a degree of digital animation. this was made in about 2.5 hours.


I couldn't agree less with Spartan500. It's an bad meme used in a good way, not "perfect meme in a non perfect way". It was funny 3 years ago, not anymore. You know what's good? ORIGINAL CONTENT. Maybe you should make some.

Protip: Spartan500 is a newfag.

LiamTaylor responds:

old meme may be old, but it was a newfag from the sydney anonymous group in australia who gave me the idea for it.


only reason is because of the rating unless the easter egg has that kind of thing in it then i understan but right now i don't get it


it's cool. but why the easter egg cumshot?

LiamTaylor responds:

cumshot is not easter egg.


with some better... well if it was all around a little better i would have loved to see that in the SF collab

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May 24, 2009
8:36 PM EDT
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