Street Fighter Epic Ep.2

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Sorry theres no scene select I used AS3... Im stupid with Actionscript period.
Also, I hear that people have problems with the Vcam(zooms in on BG)
Im sorry but I dont no the problem
Well looks like I still need alot to learn ^__^ this one has a score lower
than my very first animation! LOL thats just to funny. I guess I dont really deserve that award I got on episode 1 huh? XD lol


Pretty Sweet!

Now I see why you call this Street Fighter Epic. You have a nice story line behind it. I also like how you show which style the fighters come from (like Guile: MvC, Vega: Street Fighter Alpha). I don't see too many of those, but I'm glad that you've pointed out which ones you were using. Also, I love how you did the custom combos. Pretty fuckin sweet if you ask me. You're a good sprite animator, regardless of what others may think. I hope to see more from you in the future. I'm trying to learn how to use flash so I can make sprite movies like this one. Thanks for the inspiration!

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

thanks ^ ^ means alot


nice vid but i still like your first one better.

p.s. was that a shadow clone jutsu?

I see now yeah thats what was bothering me

I just watched the first movie and i see that you purposely toned down the Epicosity (love that fake word)to have more of a dramatic feel to it instead of a enormous Awesome battle scene with nos real substance. But you have to remember this is sprite animation you have to take the viewer for a ride not just have them follow you. a way to do this without changing your style to over the top would be to time sync the battles to a sound track ( like a amv.....almost) to ad tension and the music helps the pace too. Rather than just a techno loop things like that are what smetime s seperates the ultraviolets from the LOTRs. if you watched ultraviolet you know what i mean. othe than that the animation was smooth and awesome just got to watch where you break it up get the blood pumping in the viewer and keep it up slowdowns may be good for exposition but hey this is a sprite animation hmm mave voiceacting sequences would help. nahh it may turn into an abridged series. and since i really dont belive any one is reading this far ill end with Gigity Gigity goo! shiver Me liver i just missed it and Hit Jamaica!!!!! O.O! Still this deserved an award!

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

thanks! but i dont think it deserves an award.. lol

why this one doesn't have a award is beyond me

this was some of the greatest fighting i've seen in flash the sound effects were on point so were the hit effects and guile whipped dat ass to i personally think that this one was better than the first

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

WOW you think its better than the first? LOL i dont!! ^ ^
but im glad you enjoyed it!

really awesome

but i think i like ur 1st one better for some reason, anyway good job, hope to see more.

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3.85 / 5.00

May 24, 2009
5:05 PM EDT