Village Defense

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Village Defense is a turret defense game, where you protect the village from an oncoming bombing. You get power ups over time and your gun can overheat. Tell me what you think about this game, it's pretty preliminary at the moment, so tell me what I should add. i'm not done on this game for sure, just not sure about the path I should take this on next. Please, constructive criticism and new ideas are HIGHLY APPRECIATED. I'm always trying to get better at Flash, and I can't do that without feedback. Please review, I want to hear if it is good or if it sucks, and why, either way. Remember, this may not have all teh features of a full game, so tell me what I need to add. I want this game to be fun, and you guys probably do too, so help me here. After all, I've resisted the tempt to not use proper punctuation, spelling and grammer, or type my entire title in all caps using 1337 language.


Similar to other games.

This reminds me of quite a few defense games. It's good but I like the concept of waves a little better than a mind rush. The enemies become a little predictable and I could do a "spray and pray" technique of waving the mouse up and down, pressing the mouse and not worrying about anything hitting because I had a powerup.

I would have liked the idea of upgrades at my discretion. Engine repairs that keep the gun firing for longer periods of time, better fire power, and different enemies that take different amounts of damage. Of course, helpers may or may not make it but those would be welcome as well. Maybe have a civilian come out and shooting the planes with a laser?

Graphics wise, it's good. I just feel that the gameplay could be better.

not bad

Wasn't good, wasn't bad, point is I liked it

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Nice job (:

I enjoyed your game and would like to see a sequal or something with an upgrades shop were you can buy all sorts of weapons and such ,.

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Nothing new, good effort

There are a million games like this, and this one is just bare bones.

Jedimace1 responds:

I made a game like this because I like games like this, and I don't want to abandon it. But could you link me to a game like this, I'd llike to see it. I can't think of any similar games with the same gameplay.

Quite good...

Well for my personal opinion a shop to buy upgrates will be great and some automatic turrets will be just fine

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2.83 / 5.00

May 24, 2009
1:35 PM EDT
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