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Farting has never been so much fun! Fill up the gas chamber with methane from your body.

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it was

childish and not very well thout ou but i soppose thaat the drivve to fill up the bottle is the only thing that helps this game


I think Malice2005 said anything..

I just want to help him^^
Before you can start you must click on the screen again..

Didn't work!!!

I tried it, I wasn't expecting much, but I tried it. I thought the graphics were decent enough but I kept hitting enter and it wouldn't work. So that's why the low score. I sat there hammering on enter and only imagining that the chamber was filling up. I also thought to myself how great it would be if this game had competition maybe from a computer filling up it's chamber to the side of the screen or something. I also imagined myself beating the computer, letting out a big YEAH! than ripping a victory fart of my own. Unfortunately, it was all just in my imagination and what I had as time wore down was a little dude standing there with his butt attached to a tube, my hitting enter and still nothing happening. Ok idea, but needs more work particularly on the controls aspect...


funny game knd of dumb though. nice work and i got #4 in high scores for today first time i played lol nice work here

Can't blame a game for quirky...

Hard on the ol keyboard but the game is well done, even if it's a "push button rapidly" game.

Not much to say on music, though I wish the game was more than a big fart joke, it does have merit. Good graphics and thanks for not letting us see his rear end.

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2.12 / 5.00

May 24, 2009
12:18 PM EDT
Skill - Other