If I Talk to God

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This is the music video for The Last Goodnight's song, "If I Talk to God." Hope you like it.



i dont care wat u all think... the music was bad... sure... but that isnt wat counts. it was the fact that he spent a long time on it... oh yeah... and ur all insulting ME by saying the song was bad... I CHOSE IT!!! He and i put SO MUCH EFFORT in the project that u wouldnt belive it. But he did the animation part... SO... heres my thoughts...

I think it was PERFECT... everything was great... No flaws at all...

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Golf232 responds:

thanks! there is just somethin wrong w/ ur theory tho... u said the music was bad... then u said u chose it. why would u choose that song if u don't like it? and honestly, i only spent a day on it, LOL.

anyway thanks for the review!


First off, I don't think a lot of NG people here are fans of christian music, judging by the submissions I've seen...I could be wrong, but I for one hate it.

Animation was choppy, mouth didn't sync up. I could see the edge of the screen at times.

Instead of trying to make someone sing, have them do something that relates to the song. Or, make short little animations that all correlate to the song itself.


You have the ability, just sit down, and take more time with your project.

i agree with the guy below

and i didnt like the song

I hate to sound harsh...

But if you watch what videos are on newgrounds, and see the work people put up. Then compare it to your work, do you really think for a moment that you will get a high rating? The Idea behind the video was awesome, don't get me wrong everyone loves Music videos, but you need to make the animation a bit smoother when it comes to serious videos such as this one. I didn't watch the whole thing so maybe I missed some important details but you really need to work on the animation and put a little more effort.

need alot of WORK

dude u still need to work on your animation the music is good but the guy just opens hes mouth work harder on things

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2.42 / 5.00

May 24, 2009
11:47 AM EDT
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