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The Bunker Escape

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Author Comments

This time you are locked in to a bunker which you must escape. Solve the puzzles to escape the bunker!

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Appreciate the effort but...

.....this had puzzles that were way to vague for me. I tend to like point and clicks like the Adventures of Reemus. Much less frustrating.

I tried but ...

this game just sucks to much
sorry dude

Trying to keep an open mind

But this doesn't even come close to being a logical escape game.

Converting random letters on the outiside of a panel from letter to number, aka A=1, B=2, C=3
GAZ = 7, 12, 6

Ok, that is a stretch ... but no bad,

Then you have a random scrap of paper w/ complete gibberish ... and with out any hints you expect people to look at just the (y) and (n) on the scrap ... and some how equate that to Up or Down on a switch panel?!?! how does that even work?

Blinky lights corispond to the button panel ... but no real way of telling where it starts and where it ends.

reset, top, middle, top, middle (green light comes on)
middle, bottom, middle, bottom, middle, bottom (green light comes on)
bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom (chip appears).

The final riddle was the easier of the 3 ... and still just asinine. ... cause screw holes in the wall are always code for the keypad *rolls eyes


this is the cinda thin i hate ppl come on here make crap like tis and it actulay gets through ur just as bad as that chris beer guy....now wait his alot worse