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Garden House Escape

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Author Comments

Escape the house by collecting different items and using them in the right way! There is also a puzzle you must solve!

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This game could be good

1) The roman puzzle is a good puzzle.
2) I do think that there needs to be less difficulty in finding where to click. Even knowing that I can click to go "behind" or look "under" objects, it still took me a while to be able to figure out which ones I could look/behind under.

If you can make that clicking easier, and make the 2nd piece of paper one we can 'pull out' to look at as well, I think that will make things less confusing. I also do agree that the remote does need to say "1 of 4 batteries inside" , "2 of 4 batteries inside" or something as you put them in.

Wasn't really good

I had to read the review of the guy below me to figure out that the "coins" were actually batteries.
And the puzzle did not make any sense. How do you add three one-digit numbers to make 30? Unless it is multiplying, then how do you multiply to get 19?
This game was just too hard to understand what was what and what exactly I was doing.

I really liked it...

The graphics of the house were so nice, I didn't want to leave! The only thing I would suggest though is to play around with the items, the game is good but finding the items is a lot of pixel-hunting. Also some music would be nice


Nice escape game....apart the "roman square" it is not so hard...

pretty good!

Good but needs alittle inproving, but still a great game!