MS Paint Pete Ep. 4

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Hey all, in this episode Pete answeres the age old question: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?

Been working on some better graphics, people have been complaining about that, but have maintained the...low techedness of MS Paint looks at the same time. Now instead of flapping jaws there's actual mouth movements! YAY!

Rate, Comment, and enjoy, thanks for watching :)


dont be mad at the 4 stars plox?

yes yes, 4 stars out of 10. or 2 out of 5. that doesnt mean i dont like it, it just gets what it deserves. i have a few suggestions if your willing to listen, and some things i just want to say. 1. the artwork. as lousy as it was, it was still pretty good for paint. mouse done work is really not the best kind and takes a long time to actually develop a serious skill and most people dont understand that. most artists that are very very well known on newgrounds, are mostly tablet using artists. however, it seems that you did this very fast, which patience is a virtue when making a flash. take ur time, develop something really humourous and unexpected for the audience. like for instance, when hes counting down, instead of him shooting the other dude, the other dude should have shot him saying the final number. ( just an idea lol ) but yea, throw a curveball once in a while. 2. the sounds of them talking is very good quality and i really enjoyed them, 3. the lips moving, however sync'd, were pretty good too. other than those listed, i have no probs. waiting to see and hear more from you jake!


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JakeRies50 responds:

Thanks for the advice and review, Booger. Yeah, I've looked into tablets and they are just too expensive for me to afford right now (horray for shitty job!). I have been trying to work on the look of it (for the most parts the mouths in this episode) but I'll definataly keep working to make it look better.


Off to a good start. It's nice to see something original every once in awhile.

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Still funny.

The tootsie-pop spoof is still kickin' after many, many, years


The idea was somewhat humorous, but the piss-poor art, the lack of variety of sounds, and the lack of music absolutely killed for me.

JakeRies50 responds:

*sigh* "piss-poor art"... It's intended to be that way, hence it being called MS Paint pete... Please learn to read comments people.

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May 23, 2009
9:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody