Cymothoa Exigua

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Cymothoa Exigua, a crustacean that eats out the tongue of a fish and replaces it with it's own body. But what happens if it gets into a human's mouth?

Done as a final project for a literature class. It's 2minutes and 10 seconds long, which makes it my longest animation to date. It was all done over the course of about four, three day weekends.



The flash was ausome. and that bug thing freaked me out. Im not sure I will be able to eat fish again.

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Informative, and funny,

This is pure good old humor, jokes like these sure are missing in this site and I'm glad that you're able to fill it in.

The jokes were original to the extent, since I heard about this in an article, you got everything right. Good that you researched it before doing this.

The take on doing a human rather than a fish is brilliant, on a comedy level. To be able to see what he feeling and what the Crustacean does in the situation until the humans final moments are pure gold.

Animation was good and everything flowed well, the pacing was great and kept me entertained throughout the whole flash, it went strong from beginning to end.

Favorite scene would be when he found out he had it, it was priceless from his expression that it already foreshadowed his downfall in the end.

Overall, this was a good flash and have a laugh over something that is serious, though unlikely that we'll ever get those in our tongues or even be able too, then to assure everyone here, we're fine. Just be careful for what you eat, that's all.

Good job.

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holy moly

im sorry it was good but disgusting blugh


ha awesome animation
loved your style
I read the wikipedia article
and that Sh**s F***ed up xD
I didn't have a clue anything like that existed!

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Scared me to my core

Haha loved it and the art was great, and now I feel a bit better as a person knowing what a Cymothoa exigua is, something essential for life skills
Good stuff buddy :)

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May 23, 2009
6:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Original