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In game "Toybox" you are a girl who wakes up in an unknown place (probably some basement) with a strong headache. She doesn't remember how she get there and chain attached to the collar on her neck augurs nothing good.
Toybox is a point&click type "escape the room game" with several endings, one of them is hidden. Hidden ending is not described in the walkthrough so good luck. :)


worst piece of crap ever

impossible 2 do without walkthrough even the walkthrough is hard 2 understand

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Wow it's been a along time since I reviewed.....

I got to say that hands down this game puts out a really good atmosphere that to me rivals even some video games. True that some parts of this game is obscure and hard to understand but that's the point. If you were trapped in a serial killer's home there sure as hell would not be in your face clues.( unless the killer's a dumbass)
Any way I like the game and for you noobs out there the combination for the first puzzle is the first five digits for Pi which is: 3.1415. But that's it nothing else!!!!!!!!!!


i realy dont undertstand....the lock ha the PI symbol on it, but how can i put 3.14 etc?? its very obscure...


this is the worst game i ever played and u can only pass the game wit the walkthrough


While the secret ending was hilarious, I felt the game was WAY too difficult to justify such a "Meh" ending. I can only guess what the normal ending entailed from what I've heard and observed, and it seems to me that it was even more unsatisfying.

Despite these (less-than-minor) quibbles, the game was still enjoyable, and extremely well thought out. The atmosphere was just great, invoking an unshakably foreboding air of palpable dread. While the endings may have spoiled it for most, I found the overall experience to be rather worth bearing.

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3.89 / 5.00

May 23, 2009
6:35 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click