The Test of Doom

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The test of doom could be a rather unfitting title, as it's a very happy little animation, but nevermind.

This flash is about a blobby man and a square that go on an unusual adventure, and they must pass the test of doom, in order to do... something... good.

I always like to try out different art styles and this was no exception. I tried to focus a lot on the backgrounds and layering simple shapes up to set the scene. All the colours are relatively simple and basic, and I think, or at least I hope, it helped to create an almost child-like feel. Anyway, I would love to hear what you guys think.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Note: I'm glad so many of you are noticing and enjoying the fact that there's no violence and explicit stuff in this cartoon. I always make sure my animation are totally clean, and it's good that people notice that :) Thanks.


Very, uh, creative...

It was funny. but the best part was "Ill make you brush youre teeth!"
Then the lazor. Funny.


it gets funnier and funnier till the end


This was an interesting flash,the animation looked great and the characters reminded me of the ones on the game Spore also sounding like them too,the music sounded good and went very well with the video so overall this was a cool flash to watch and i enjoyed it very much.

not to shabby in fact not shabby at all

this was a good experince for me it also has sorta a lesson in it and that is to never give up and also funny to i like the part where blrrrrahhhhhh

In terms of Quirky-ness

This one nails it DEAD ON!

I can see this as a potential video game series for young kids.
Nothing complicated, just a bunch of weird stuff to tickle their fancy.
Even if a person fails a task, the story can still continue.
So there will be a numerous amounts of outcomes.
Playing each time won't be the same.
Imagine this as a game won't you?
I loved every moment of it, nothing was boring.
It was quirky, clever, fluid animation, and all the same appealing.

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4.34 / 5.00

May 22, 2009
11:10 AM EDT
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