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The follwing video is a fanimutation ( a weird animated music video like that of Hykyajuichi, Cutey Piggy's Revenge and BAGAGAGA BOP!) and features of variety of people including Megaman, Captain Kangaroo, Baby from Dinosaurs, and Fred Savage as the Grandson. Plus, it's in DUTCH! It's about 4 minutes long so it may take a while to load. Also this video is best viewwed on a really fast computer, otherwise the audio doesn't always synch up as well.

PS: Also check out my other vids like WAKUFUCHITA!

PSS: I forgot to also thank the guy who made that Preloader Turoial a couple of weeks back. It helped a lot!


bring me my monicle

i love this its onbe of the most random things on newgrounds and its awesome

ive always enjoyed this


always loved it

since im going round faving all my old favourites here i thought i'd stop by here too!. i watched this constantly when i was younger, i always used to think of it as the way the inside of my head looked XD. all your stuff is amazing, but this has always been my favourite. so awesome job from a long time fan ^^

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Best "classic" Animutation

I have 3 categories for Animutations, "Hyper", "Classical" and "Unique". Toxic with Chocolate Niblet Beans truly set a new benchmark in the Hyper classification, but out of the classical animutations out there, this is one of the best!

Everything just fits, the weird characters, the mystery fur head guy, the hidden mondegreens, and the most hilarious song ever! To say that is a real song...is just plain amusing.

This is one of your best. Period. It's so overlooked, that it got featured on Albino Blacksheep...TWICE under his demands.

What the F-*History erase button!*

Well played, bob barker... well played indeed...

Graphics: A lot of the images were pretty good, but you made the mistake of mixing B&W with color in some scenes, (unless it was intencional) which I don't like.

Style: Some parts of this animutation were neat, and the images you used to "sing" the music looked cool.

Sound: I liked that song.

Violence: Very little.

Humor: The fonz makes every animutation better.

Overall: I, for one, enjoyed it.

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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2002
8:43 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 2nd Place April 8, 2002