fire man 2

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My first game. This is the second in the series, I don't have the first one out yet due to technical difficulties on my e-mail account so I guess this is good for now. go to playcrafter to make your own games! (that is if you don't have flash like me.)

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love it

its great but not perfect

sonicrage64 responds:

yeah, PlayCrafter's game creator doesn't exactly make the "Best of Games". compared to other games made by PlayCrafter's game creator, this is like one of the best games you can make with it, although it just needs a little polishing.

Shows promise, but too unpolished to be great.

First, the good: the graphics are decent, the premise is simple but fun, and there are other little things like volume control in game that make this game nice.

I like the idea behind it, but the game sort of suffers from a couple hindrances.
First, the difficulty. The difficulty in just the first couple of levels absolutely skyrockets. The first level was quite easy, but then you introduce several turrets and the like out of nowhere, and the level with the bats, while a nice idea for a level, was too frustrating to be fun. Try to ease into the difficult levels more slowly so people have more of a chance to get into the game. If you make it too hard in the beginning, people will get too discouraged to play for more than a few minutes.

Also, I found the controls to occasionally be unreliable. When I was on the bat level, I'd often press jump while on top of a bat only to fall through without jumping at all to fall to my death. Then, when I got far right and then died, the bats wouldn't be under me when I respawned on the left, virtually making me lose 2 lives automatically. Combining this with the two turrets on the bottom makes that level a chore and a pain. I really want to play some more, but these levels are too frustrating to make the game enjoyable.

You have a good game foundation here, it just needs some polishing and revision to make it more fun and playable.

sonicrage64 responds:

Thanks, I'll try to ease the difficulty on the bat level. thanks for the feedback!


love the idea and how u can make ur own levels, top notch! haha


This game is great, aside from the horrible slides (killed me way too often, even just tapping the key). The design is nice, but I was disappointed with the levels after the one where you collect the red ball, it was too simple. Over all great game, for having limited tools at your disposal, and I hope to see another one later.
And one more thing, try to tone down the slide.

9/10, 4/5.
Good job

sonicrage64 responds:

I'll try to fix the boss level glitch. I never actually realized it until now. thanks for telling me that.

do it again but better

I found my self running into walls or bats that did no good at helping me get across to the flag. There are many places you have to jump where you should be able to walk. There is some enjoyment to be had here, but mostly its just frustrating.

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3.64 / 5.00

May 21, 2009
9:16 PM EDT
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