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Planetoid - Chapter 3

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Author Comments

The next installment of the Planetoid series.
Be sure to have seen the previous chapters, otherwise this won't make much sense.

Sorry if the blur filter stuffs you computer up a bit. Decreasing quality should fix that.

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best work so far can't wait to see ep 4


Amazing work.Very touching.This one creates a art film mood.Love it

Fate responds:

Maybe the first song is artfilm-esque. Hopefully you watched beyond it.

aww poor planetoid

why did the little bird have to die ?:( give him a friend that doesnt have something happen to them

Well done!

That was a superb animation. The music fits well with it, and the fbf was great. I liked this more than your first two, it had more depth to it. When the big bird ate the small one, that was a nice touch (even though it was a bit sad.) Great job, and keep up the good work.


Really great, a very inspiring flash, even though the texture could have been a tad better. The part at the end also adds some mystique to it. I wonder what will happen...?

Keep up the good work, sir! :)

Fate responds:

thank you.
I don't know how you found yourself upon this flash...
But I'm certainly not complaining.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.