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I'm happy with the way this episode turned out, everyone did a great job on their parts, and the fight scenes were complicated and hard to do.

Vaati arrives at Kakariko village and does battle with the group protecting the village.



Fight scenes definitely improved. Was also glad to see Link get on some action. Vaati was pretty cool, too. I was disappointed in Dark Link, though. I thought he'd get a BIT more action.




ok drawed and all.. need alot more frames when it comes to sword fights.. more sounds and effects.
really good idea and ok animated.

keep it up an you might make it some day

Decent/Good Music/7

This animation was decent at best. It needs a lot more movement and the characters seemed to be Marionette puppets, they don't move fluently, and this hurts an action animation a lot.

The voice acting was decent as well, although it didnt really catch my ears and all and it seemed unemotional and withdrawing.

Music fits well with the animation, giving it its most dramatic flare. Sound however is kinda lacking and weak. Overall its a decent flash, not good but not bad either.

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Drawings are good

I can see you mastered the style and I did not find the voices to be badly dubbed or too soft. Yet, I do not see you taking advantage of multiple angled cinematics. There is a huge need to wow your audience and your characters seem too flat. I get easily bored with the fight scenes because you rarely try to give me an interesting view. Good anime fights are big in Dragon ball Z and GT. I would suggest that you barrow some of the shows fantastic ability to wow the audience with close-ups ands medium shots. You like long shots too much.

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4.13 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
10:32 PM EDT
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