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This is just a quick 3d demo. It is not complete and i am only posting this to see feedback about the physics engine which i am using. It is just ten boxes randomly falling from random cordinates(reload the flash and it the box falling will change). Comment on the physics aspect. Don't watch/fail this if your expected something grand. Its Only a demo of physics of crashing cubes. Enjoy.


good physics

Yeah the physic engine looks really good.
You need to let people play with it!

Nice start

This really is limited, but the little of it there is seems to have very accurate physics! I see this as one day becoming a physics-based puzzler. (kinda like Boom Blox for Wii!)

Just post it on NG Alphas next time. That's the place for tests like this.

good..incorporate it

very well done....please make a puzzle or something...

a 3D version of the catapult game would be awesome

(the rating is because you've not finished anything....not because the physics aren't well done)

philbelder responds:

Thanks for the comment. I will try to develop a puzzle game shortly. PM me a link of what the catpault game is

The score is normal.

It's just some boxes falling, and you have to refresh the flash to see it again, woo hoo. Maybe if there was some form of functionality it would be good but saying "most people didn't read the coments so i ahve an almost failing scroe." is just ridiculous. People aren't going to shower you with fives just because you made some falling boxes.


I played it back a few times and noticed,they fall diffrently G.A.S.P!

philbelder responds:

Lol, thanks...most people didn't read the coments so i ahve an almost failing scroe. Do you have any ideas ta i should incorparate....i have already strated on the code for the mouse to control te viewpoint.

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May 20, 2009
7:20 PM EDT