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Final Fantasy II Spoof

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Townspeople have lives too!

Quick Note: People I'm not stupid, I do realize that this game is called Final Fantasy 4. But when I (that's ME) played it YEARS ago (for the SNES), it was called Final Fantasy II so that's how I remember it... as Final Fantasy --->2<---. OK? Let it go!

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Really nice work

You have really shown some nice work here the style is amazing and the Sprite work on this is amazing so really nice work indeed I really love the detail you ad into this you bring some really nice detail all together so really great stuff

No changes it was awesome


This is probably the best of these spoofs that came out at this time. I admit that it's better than Randy Solem's work at this time. I mean no disrespect for him of course! The sprite work is nice. It isn't much of a comedy at first. I'm glad it gets much better later on.

The music is nice and authentic. It's really easy to understand. I felt is was the right length too. A lot of these are too short. Yeah, I heard about the weird numbering in this series too.

Ah, so Final Fantasy 4 was once known as Final Fantasy 2. They sure messed up the numerical order there. Interesting. Also, all in all a pretty entertaining short! Nicely done.



AHhahaha all that over a potion lol good job

I think the best stuff you do is the sprite stuff

Of what I've seen of your flash submissions so far I've enjoyed your sprite animations the best. Especially because they're FF sprites.

So I hope you'll continue to do sprite parodies.

Durn hearoze takin all deh hard wurkin townspeeples stuff.