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Pirate Defense

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Have you ever watched the end of the old Disney film "Swiss Family Robinson" where they place booby traps everywhere to thwart the pirates, and said to youself, "that looks like fun!?" Well we have, and so we made this!

Pirate Defense is a tower defense game with a twist: traps! Use powerful trap combinations to send your pirate enemies through a whirlwind of pain... as well as earn you big gold rewards and points! Can you stop the pirate waves from reaching the top of the screen?

ArmorGames has provided 2 free bonus game modes as well, 100k Gold and Fixed. Both are awesome.

Finally, be sure to check out the Pirate Defense theme song! You can even sing along!


Videos, tooltips, a sample level, and a tutorial are provided in the game.

Primarily you use the mouse to lay down traps. Use "Linkage" to enter linkage mode and connect triggers to traps to set them off. Hotkeys are also provided and can be changed through settings. 'P' for Pause.


http://www.herointeractiv e.com/walkthroughs/pirate _defense.html


I could say that the game was perfect...


Very original!

WOW! Just WOW! This tower defense game really surprised me.

It has some very unique features that are really fun. The trap approach, with the ability to push the enemies on traps opens up a huge amount of different ways to stop those damned pirates from reaching the other side of the field.

There's an overall feeling of fun playing this game.

Two minor things i liked a lot:

- The animations showing how a trap works when you get the pointer over it on the menu, i didn't see anything like that in any other tower defense ( maybe i just missed it... ) and i found it very useful

- The pirate defense song!! I LOVE those kind of things! :P

So, good job!

And to everyone who reads this review, try the game, it's totally worth it :D

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nice one

i love pirate game great job pretty easy on easy i wish there were bosses like blackbeard long john silver and mkae levels or stages with differant eniemies and make it more interactive all i really had to do was make the traps work for me and combo them up

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Love the song

Very creative song, "Linkage" was very clever. Added more strategy in the game than most defense games out there.

Now that I'm done playing, I have a World of Warcraft raid to attend to before my mom calls me to bed ;P


Really enjoyed it, it was a fun time and you got me with the pirate song I WON, I WON, AT PIRATE DEFENSE!!!

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3.97 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
3:25 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense

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