Apocalypse Please EP 1 B

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Edit: Oh Newgrounds... You jerk me around ever so... I guess I'll take you back.

!Please Read Before Viewing!

Hello once again my newgrounds friend! Here is the second half of EP 1. (You should really watch the first one first so you'll know where we're at!) My computer came down with a nasty virus recently and my animation software is acting a bit funny when publishing certain high rez scenes! (Oh NOess!) This means one scene has audio problems, another has glitched symbols, and one is completely unsalvaged. I included apologies in the flash to explain. I'm still submitting this because I think it is a beautiful piece of artwork, so deal with it.

Thank you to my voice actors listed to <---. And of course thanks you to Kingbastard...

Tanis Martin's song "Psycho" can be found out here....



Ok a few things.

The Art work was....uhh....how you say?....Bearly-able-to-stay-out-of-th e-toilet bad. I have seen a whole lot worst, so your not the bottom sucm but still. Good movie, it had some funny moments and teh good plot. Then you mess up in the art work department. Kinda original, seen stuff very close to this. But i think you could have done better. You could have added more story and make it longer.

So i give you a 3/5 and 7/10

Cliche as hell

Animation was decent to mediocre at times, though some of the sequences showed promise. I dislike how all the characters look like some wapanese person's attempt to draw super deformed anime... It struck me like it was trying to get into the Anime section a little to hard...

Characters were cardboard, Tardis was the only good one mostly because he was voiced by Tomar. The girl struck me as the most cliche though. (I hate to say it but she was the worst character, she reminded me of the girl gamer/action girl cliche and she was by far the flattest character)

Story was your standard apocalypse thing... I liked the twist that life went on without much changing other than the danger factor, though everything else wasn't very good.

Voice acting was great, 'cept for the girl voice. Her voice sounded emotionless and flat, also it was way to generic. That could just be the lack of quality female voice actors on Newgrounds though... (not being sexist, other than Rina-chan, name one great female voice actor on Newgrounds... )

the jokes were pretty bad, 'cept for a few of them that were the reason I kept watching. But the family guy style flashbacks seemed out of place in a series like this.

honestly the entire thing just draaaaaaged on. I found myself only watching it so that I wouldn't feel like I cheated when I reviewed it... and to hear what Tardis was going to say next.

but really, this just seemed like it was trying waaaay to hard and reminded me of Naruto for some reason...

I thought this animation was mediocre, the voice acting by Omahdon and TomaMoto was the best thing about this one...

I feel bad leaving a review that doesn't say something positive at the end.

good effort, I look forward to seeing your next flash animation, I can tell your skills have improved since your last animation. Great voice acting too (Omahdon and TomaMoto)... great music as well, forgot to mention that one.

Really Original

I like how its kinda this gothic/emo take on apocalypse! I haven't watched EP 1 yet but I really liked it, I was sad about the scene being gone off your comp. I would've loved to see some wicked awesome zombie slaying. The animation looks really clean and I think it was well done! Can't wait for Ep 2 or part C, whichever...

oh and monkeyshiznickk its Tanis Martin...

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Great movie.

This is great, just like the one before it.Slick animation and good voice acting.How ever I didn't find it as good as the other one,and the jokes were a little stale.But still great job.

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Good series

Have been looking forward to part 2 ever since I first saw part 1.

By the way, anyone want to comment on what the "Psycho" song is called and who the author is. The song that is shown on the iPod right before the fight scene.

I watched a couple times to try and catch the artists name, only picked up on Titan or some such.

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May 20, 2009
3:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original