Apocalypse Please EP 1 B

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Edit: Oh Newgrounds... You jerk me around ever so... I guess I'll take you back.

!Please Read Before Viewing!

Hello once again my newgrounds friend! Here is the second half of EP 1. (You should really watch the first one first so you'll know where we're at!) My computer came down with a nasty virus recently and my animation software is acting a bit funny when publishing certain high rez scenes! (Oh NOess!) This means one scene has audio problems, another has glitched symbols, and one is completely unsalvaged. I included apologies in the flash to explain. I'm still submitting this because I think it is a beautiful piece of artwork, so deal with it.

Thank you to my voice actors listed to <---. And of course thanks you to Kingbastard...

Tanis Martin's song "Psycho" can be found out here....



Somehow didn't quite make it

This end of the world idea has been run into the dirt a lot here lately. Your art isn't bad, its just the story doesn't make it. Its to unoriginal, its too jumpy, and it doesn't smooth together at all. I wouldn't see a sequel coming out of this, I wouldn't know what you would lead on from this.

Dunno reallly

wished you stuck to a comedy all the way but good anyways! (i think?)

It's fine

but that's all it is. The jokes aren't very funny, the art needs work, the animation is pretty average. The concept is good, but the execution isn't and the dialogue is pretty sophomoric. The voice acting is obviously great, but considering that line up it's no wonder. I dunno, I'm just not sure how this managed to garner so many views and such a great score by being so average.


to those who keep rateing it low go watch the first part. and ur right it does kinda skip around thats the style i guess but hey its not bad kinda cool imo

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A big fat MEH.

I agree with Kieroneus. The Idea was there, It seemed like it could ve been great but it fell flat. I didnt really like the female voice actor, the story itself doesn't really make sense and a lot of the effects felt half-assed (like smoke instantly dissappearing).
Not worthy of front page IMO.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
3:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original