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Decide how to end the world in 2012 with various natural disaster weapons and godly phenomenon. Destroy the various zones of the planet, accumulate points, unlock weapons and attempt to clear the various achievements.



so cool!

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interesting concept

has potential but you should consider making more options and enviroments. otherwise this game is generally a good idea and i think you could make it much better


you should make a #2 with more weapons and a freeplay mode

Hope it really dousn't happend!

Not bad? Why would it be on mature? Why?!

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Great Game, False Story

Ok, awesome game, but for the next few reasons, i thnk the world will NOT end:
1. The Maya did NOT predict the end, their calender goes in 5680 year cycles, so even they didnt think it would end, just "start anew"
2. The planet/meteorite that the Maya said would hit us to start this "New Age" doesn't exist.
3. The sun couldnt give off enough radiation to kill us.
4. The sun is blocking the center of the universe from average space probes... So? it happens every 100 years and stays like that for 21 (or so) years.
5. The chances of any catastrophic event happening on any giving predicted day is less than 0.003%
6. The Mayan also said most people of Earth would die in 1986, no one died in a major catastrophic, death of million catastrophe.
7. There is no large meteor showers coming within a few MILLION mile from Earth.
8. The core is not melting down, in fact it is within 100 degrees farenheit of average.
Those are the reasons 2012 wont happen
P.S. Just because the world wont end doesnt mean you can press your luck and think there is no way you can die. I refuse to be held liable if you end up killing yourself because you think you're gonna live no matter what.

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3.80 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
3:10 PM EDT
Simulation - Other