Star Struck

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Hi all.

Finished this game a couple weeks ago. Hope you like it.


Your mission is to collect energy points for our home planet. To begin your journey, click your spaceship to fire up the thrusters. Your spaceship will now follow wherever your mouse points, gaining speed the faster you move.

Scoring: There are two ways to collect energy points. The first is to pilot your spaceship across the gravitational links between stars. This will temporarily drain the energy moving between those stars. If you release all the links around a star it will collapse back in on itself. This is important as a star can grow large enough to become a serious navigation obstacle!

The second way to collect points has to do with the colour of the star when it collapses. While piloting your spaceship, keep an eye on the bonus indicator in the top left of your screen. This shows you which stars will award bonus energy points when collapsed. These bonuses increase with the size of the star, and can add up quickly!

Be careful not to touch the stars, they are made of plasma, and will vaporize your ship on contact! You only have 5 spaceships, and once they are gone, your energy-collecting days are over.

How much energy can your ships collect for our planet?



Interesting, but it's still pretty raw. You could do some improvements to it, add more depth to the gameplay (e.g .stuff to collect), refine the controls of the spaceship.
Still, it's fairly good, keep it up!

very very nice


I give you...


To simple not fun.

Not addicting or fun in any way unless you like to fly around over white lines.

good job

this is very simple and surprisingly addictive

great job

maybe you could add a couple different modes or something and just give it more substance somehow

i will leave that up to you though because it seems you are pretty creative and know what you are doin

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3.28 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
2:10 PM EDT
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