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Nowadays, tweeting is all the rage. The clock is ticking, and on the internet, the expiration time on
coolness is much faster. Get as many followers as possible, but you need to hurry, you only have a couple of seconds before a non-follower goes sour and starts deducting from your expiration time.
A fast paced snake game, not only do you have to worry about crashing into your followers, but you also have a super fast paced clock counting down!

My first official game release on newgrounds, just recently began dabbling with game programming, have other games I want to program already in mind. Hope you like, and enjoy!


Cute and fun

Well i liked the concept a lot.
But the games don't last even 20 seconds.
So there was some sort of problem with this game.
But I still liked it.
Plus the graphics looked pretty well done.

remyzero responds:

Maybe you crashed into your followers? Be wary of the time as well, you might have missed the clock counting down, if it reaches 0, you loze. Thanks! Glad you liked it!


Game was funny and my dad is twittering so kinda funny...
only a bit hard, too fast

remyzero responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!


Its called twitter.
But funny shit anyway.
Good work.

remyzero responds:

yeah I know, I did it to avoid getting sued or anything.


quite funny, pretty graphics but not really original...
eventually it's still just a really standard snake game.

remyzero responds:

Oops, i was gonna respond and thought the lil X above the Respond button was to cancel my response but it's to flag the review? Sorry dude, anyways, my response was that, yes while it is still a snake game, it is a bit different with the timers added. I played a bunch of snake games on here, and the majority of them were all the same, except for maybe the color of the snake and the background was just swapped out. I was hoping that by adding the timers, it'd give it more of a challenge. Thanks for the review!

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3.19 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
9:53 AM EDT
Skill - Collect