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Lulu & Jojo

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The first meeting and the first years of existence.

edit: english translation

J&L: Hello.
"Weeks later."
"Months later ..."
J: I'll end up before you!
"Some time later ..."
L: I think I'm loving!
"Days after ..."
J: What is this?
From Luiz to Joice
"After that day, everything changed."
"Jojo travels, Lulu is left."
"Far from each other, they think better in their lives."
"And they want to see again..."
J&L: Hello.

Later, I'll make a subtitle in movie.

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I can´t say

that i know anything about animating and such. But i do know what i like.
I must say that this is nicely done and enjoyable. Although i don´t understand the langue i do understand the underlying meaning. I got the story and it´s well, cute =)

I see that you haven´t been submitting anything new in a while. How come? Busy working on other project somewhere else? There´s not often you find clean animations here on NG. There are far more crappy submissions than great ones. I would love to see a new animation of yours...

Keep up the great work!

lukatesi responds:

Thank you, hamstercake.
I'm busy with a series of animations that year, which will be published on DVD in 2012. I will ask my co-worker and owner of the project to allow me to publish here a trailer, with the compilation of these animations.

Very good use of 500kb

Those that can decipher Spanish & or Portuguese can figure out what is being said. Those who understand the "birds and the bees" can figure out what the story is about. I didn't want to translate it b/c I'm lazy and anyone that really wants to know can look it up pretty easily now with google.

As far as the movie goes, it is excellent. Animation is fluid and creative and a nice muted coloring, the mouth movements/expressions are great. I really liked this movie.


i like it, but i dint understand very well cause i dont read portugue XD. if was english i would have give it a 10. cute story.

Why not english?

The movie is fine as itself but why didn't you use english subtitles?

Boa animação!

Mas faltou legenda em inglês.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
7:52 AM EDT

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