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Tower of Greed

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Your goal is to escape the infamous Tower of Greed, while collecting as many valuable gems as possible. There is an exit on every 5th floor, so you may choose when and where you wish to exit with your wealth. Be careful, though, not to let your greed overwhelm you. After all, money and death don't mix.


Arrow Keys or WASD to move
Space or J to jump/confirm
Shift or K to use item/cancel
Enter or P to pause
M to mute

Menus are also mouse-enabled.

Special thanks to Mike Taylor for his original sound tracks created specifically for this game, he did a fantastic job. Check out his profile for other great music as well, he's good stuff.



This was a really good game. Brought back the nostalgia that I look for in arcade games like this one. The maps were fairly simple but ended up getting difficult to navigate. Good job, deserves the 10.


" It was fun,but the monsters kept knocking me off ):<.10/10 :).''

Loved it!

Best game ever that has trophies and cash!

I am very critical of games

Most games fail to capture the essence of what makes a game fun and focus on graphics and music instead. I'm happy to say that this is one of the best games I have played in a long time, and I don't just mean flash game. The constant balancing act between money and survival creates great moments of split-second decisions and often leaves the user condemning their own greed only to make many of the same decisions the next time.
I enjoyed:
-The random organization of levels. It kept the game from getting repetitive and yet doesn't deny the skill that comes with practice of a specific level. The increase of difficult at the fifty level mark was a fun twist as well.
-The simple, clear graphics
-It was very easy to control the character. I don't have to fight the controls to make him go where I want.
-The scaling on the gems worth is enough to really make the player risk themselves for blue gems and run headlong into danger for white gems

Things I found annoying:
-The great thing about this game is that it is mostly skill, the parts I hated was when I would be doing well and suddenly and enemy knocked me down a tiny hole to me death mostly by luck. This is difficult to change without decreasing the difficulty but random death through a hole is annoying.
-Level 50 and up are interesting but it takes too long to get up there and explore them/get better at them. I suggest adding a feature that unlocks at level 50 where you can start on level 50 but perhaps don't get any trophies or set records.
-The music and sound got annoying pretty quickly but at least the sounds are not required to play the game well and they can be turned off.

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i am so in love with this addicting game

good controls, good concept, i like the achievements (i bet i got 90% of them =P) and the music even though its only one song lol

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4.44 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
3:32 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other