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<p>Use your mouse and your mind to protect yourself (white ball) in various waves of enemies. Upgrades are available at the end of each level.</p>

This game is an edited version of my older game, Shlang. It includes various bug fixes and new content.

Thanks, and please visit: www.yellwodoggames.com


I didn't care that it was hard to understand. Well, it wasn't, it was just too boring. I wish there could have been more detail. I will still give it credit for being creative. I mean, it's quite an original idea. The music was fairly good.

You needed more than just some gray spots. It didn't add up to much. At least it wasn't too difficult. There are so many better games out there. This is quite forgettable.

8th level

the 8th level doesn't stop, no more balls either. :<

Other than that I thought it was good. I wanted massive elastic tho ;-;

Too Bland

Its fun, but its a bit to plain. I like the little helper you get with it though!
I've noticed after a while all the balls vanish and the level doesn't end. Is that supposed to happen?


remembers me of other games like this
not too bad but ah well


Nice game, pretty unique concept of defense. Graphics are nice and simplistic while music doesn't get annoying and too repetitive.
Gameplay is great, although I have to bag on the upgrades. Instead of making it one per level, it would be great to set up a sort of point system where you can "buy" them for an amount. Thus, it would be easier to get more at a time.
It would be a plus if you increased the speed at which the sling moves :]

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3.44 / 5.00

May 19, 2009
11:04 PM EDT
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